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Ahh…indeed one of the ultimate questions of society. So what is the answer to such a question? Many people commonly associate sugar with weight gain, and have the image in their mind that sugar makes you fat- the end. No, sugar is not directly responsible for weight gain, it is the food that it is in and lack of proper exercise that leads to such results.


Sugars are commonly present in many junk foods, such as donuts, fast food, and other high calorie food products. Sugar itself is not necessarily bad for you, in fact you actually need it to survive. Unfortunately, processed sugar is very addictive. Most people that consume high volumes of sugar can feel the effects of withdrawal when they stop, often leading them to simply want more. This can make it difficult to stop eating junk foods and move to a healthy diet.


Processed sugars are responsible for lowering your energy levels as these are a simple carbohydrate, which means pure fuel. Your body races like a drag car, burning you out as fast as you got up. You experience a rise and drop in energy, rather than a constant level of power, often leading to mood swings and irritation as well. In a healthy diet, what you want are more complex carbohydrates and proteins that keep your motor running like a pace car on the Indianapolis raceway rather than a jet powered car that runs great for six seconds.

Oh, I see

These drops in energy often leave us tired and inactive, which is where we can begin to gain weight. Those numerous calories in that cupcake are the culprit, as they begin to settle in your body, producing fat cells. Unless you constantly remain active and burn off those unused calories, you will soon find those calories settling in and making themselves at home in your body.

The trick to getting off of a junk food diet is to wean yourself off of sugar. You will find that it is more difficult to say “no” to that ever so enticing donut in the morning and a regular fast food dinner, but it is a necessary step in regaining a healthy body.

You will need nourishing support to assist you in your venture, finding foods that possess sugar alternatives that are naturally occurring. Processed sugar builds a tolerance within your body, and can make it hard to enjoy milder sweets.

The best way to turn when looking for your sugar craving is sweet fruits and vegetables. These food products possess all the needed enzymes and nutrients along with naturally occurring sugar to help your body get the sugar it wants, and still digest everything properly while nourishing your body. Next time you feel a sugar craving, instead of that donut, grab a banana.

After you have weaned yourself off of sugary high calorie junk food, you will find that your energy levels are much higher. Your immune system will also be much more responsive, a by-product of high sugar levels in your body. You will inevitably feel better, and have what you need to get up and get moving – that will help keep those extra calories from finding a home inside of you.

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